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What clients say about their experience at Muscle Tussle:

I went to Michal about a week ago for a strain back and tightness in the glutes and neck. I was sore for a couple of days but after two days, my body felt so much better and less tight. Michal really took the time to assess and find out what might be causing the problems. During the massage, I felt very calm, relaxed and safe. He also took the time to teach me some massage techniques I can do at home. I will definitely be back for my maintenance:-) Thank you Michal!


Michal not only helped me in the session, he gave me a tennis ball and taught me how to fix myself. I have now got rid of a problem I've had for a year after seeing him once! The atmosphere is really nice and he was lovely.


Michał is a wonderful practitioner who really understands the human body. After a comprehensive mobility assessment he located the exact points that needed attention and provided tips on how look after these areas in the future. He was easily able to pinpoint sources of difficulties that were causing referred pain in other areas. I had the 90 minute full body massage and felt so relaxed and well cared for afterwards. My body felt great. Can’t wait for a return visit.


Michał has an incredible ability to really read your needs and to meet them through practical adjustments and restorative responses (in my case to heavy duty cycling). He also provided brilliant suggestions of things I could continue to do on my own to relieve discomfort from awkward cycling positions. I can’t recommend him highly enough!


Michał instantly made me feel at ease and is highly knowledgeable. He takes the time to fully understand what’s bothering you and your lifestyle. Michał focused on addressing my tight hamstrings/hips from running & cycling. He also kindly provided tips and exercises on how I could continue to relieve the tension. Top-notch all round



Another great treatment! Had a full body massage where Michal paid kind attention to my tight back, legs and calves- working deep while still keeping me relaxed. Feeling awesome today - like I've been 'reset'. Would highly recommend Muscle Tussle.


I was fortunate to be in the company of Michał on a cycling trip when I had very aggravating knee pain. With a simple touch of the knee/thigh he knew exactly what was going on (I was quite amazed) and was able to explain in a very calm and kind way why it had happened and how to go about getting back to fitness. He did some deep tissue massaging which released a lot of stiffness right away and I was able cycle again. Michałs professionalism and compassion was fantastic and I whole heartedly recommend him if you need your muscles tussled!


Michal is a very knowledgeable therapist. Makes you feel at ease from the off. Providing a very skilled and effective treatment. Regular treatments keep my body in good condition, much needed due to the physical nature of my work. Cannot recommend enough!


Michal is quite simply, one of the best massage therapists I have encountered. His ability to intuit what I need, and balance depth and sensitivity ensures that I always come away feeling more relaxed and re-energised.


I’ve had a few treatments with Michał now and each one was excellent. He’s a passionate therapist who takes great care to understand your issue. Whether it’s a sports injury or work-related back tension he’s gotten me back to normal, if not better, each time. He’s also got a calming personality which sure helps the relaxation.


I have been with Michal for 2 years now, he is always aware of what my body needs. He has gentle character and his massages are the best I’ve ever had. He is firm when he needs be and totally relaxing if you prefer. Makes me feel great after. Always have 1.5 hours xx



Michał offers great sports massages. He’s my go to man when I am doing some endurance challenge. He has a great ability to find any knots and work on them! Recommend for anyone needing a massage. Responsive quickly via text/email and professional service.


As a cyclist, squash player, veteran ex-skateboarder and ex-motorcycle courier, I've seen my fair share of osteo's, chiro's, physio's, healers etc. over the years and have spent thousands on treatment, sometimes just on one injury alone. IMO there are two types of practitioners - good ones and magic workers. Michal is in the latter camp. I'm not sure if it's the added benefit of the fascia work he did on me initially but he's alleviated years of stress in my neck and shoulders. He's given me solid instruction on how to get a 3yr old rotator cuff injury back in shape and even sent me some personalised videos of the exercises in question. This man is on a mission and that mission is to make you feel better. My 'go to' from now on. Thanks Michal!


Michał is an excellent massage therapist. I see him every month for a ‘maintenance’ treatment, which tends to keep me out of trouble. He’s very intuitive, skilled and clearly understands the anatomy and physiology. Highly recommended!


Michal provides a very relaxed and professional service. He focused on the areas I had said I was having issues with and followed up with a personalised video tutorial demonstrating things I could do myself to help improve my flexibility.
Thank you Michal.



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