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Welcome to Muscle Tussle,


My name is Michał. I am a classically trained massage therapist and sports injury specialist. 

I was professionally trained at the College of Classical Massage in anatomy and classical massage and am qualified to levels 3 and 4 in sports injury [all qualifications accredited by ITEC]. I am a member of the Sports Therapy Association and hold full public liability insurance.


I have been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body since an early age. It all started quite simply, after having been exposed to all sorts of activities as both a dancer and a skateboarder.


In 2009 I had a minor cycling accident that led to issues with my knees. Several subsequent physiotherapy sessions not only opened my eyes to the incredible power of body manipulation that accelerates the process of recovery but also started me down the path towards learning more about the body. I have practised yoga for many years and also explored different stretching and rebalancing techniques, such as Japanese Sotai~ho. My current interests are focussing on the body in motion and how the structures of the human body work together: I am currently enjoying in 5Rhythms workshops, cycling, running, sea swimming, bouldering and building strength using free weights.

Alongside Muscle Tussle, I am working in a physiotherapy clinic since September 2021 along with two physiotherapists helping our clients in recovery from all sorts of injuries.

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